Every cannabis enthusiasts want to appreciate premium pre rolled joints Canada. There are a lot of aspects that determine whether a joint is great or not. One vital aspect that can make or break your experience is your joint’s burning rate. Today, we’re going to talk about what influences your joint’s burning rate. 

Honey and Wax 

A couple of marijuana enthusiasts like to add cannabis was into the joint. This adds an excellent boost in CBD and makes the joint burn slowly. Before adding the mix, the wax is thinly spread on the interior side of the joint. A couple of individuals reported utilizing honey on the joint’s interior side to get a nice taste of honey and slow down the burn rate. Several individuals sprinkle a few ganja on the exterior side of the joint and glaze it. This looks quite neat. However, it can also get quite messy quickly.  

Inhale Intensity 

Of course, this is probably the most obvious aspect. Your joint will burn quickly if you intensely inhale the joint. Thus, you should relax and pace the intensity of your inhalation if you want to joint to slowly burn. 


For a premium joint, you have to crush evenly the weed. The joint will unevenly burn if the buds are uneven in size. This typically occurs when you crush the weed using your hands. You’ve got to ensure you have a premium grinder that evenly cuts throughout the whole machine.  

Smoking Papers 

The quality of the rolling papers is another huge aspect. First and foremost, the burn rate will be greatly affected by the paper’s thickness. A bigger amount of air is able to pass through if you use thin papers. This will cause the joint to burn slower. Also, smoking papers are created from various materials. They can be made from wood pulp, rice, hemp, flax, and much more. Thus, you’ve got to pick the ones that burn slowly. Next, there are additives that affect the burn rate of the paper. Thus, it is an excellent move to choose a thin additive-free paper if you want a healthier smoke and a joint that slowly burns. A couple of smokers add an additional paper over the joint to avoid sideburns.  

A joint that is packed tightly burns slow. It will be difficult to smoke if the joint is packed extremely tightly. You’ll also make weird facial movements. The joint will also burn quickly if it is packed loosely. Furthermore, the mixture may fall out. The experience will be undesirable and it will have an uneven burn rate. So, you have to know how to roll properly. 

Quality of the Bud 

The burning rate of a joint is greatly affected by the bud’s moisture level. Cannabis is subject to curing methods when cannabis plants are harvested. This enables the moisture to evaporate. The buds are likely extremely dry and will quickly burn if they disintegrate when you touch them. Around 10% is the ideal moisture level of the buds.