If you are driving with your family or some friends and co-workers, and perhaps by yourself, always keep in mind to drove safely.  

So, what are the 4 basic things that will keep you safe while driving? 

1. Focus 

Even if it is known to science that humans have very a very short attention span, always try your best to focus on driving while you’re at it one hundred percent of the time.  

 2. Ditch your phone 

 Keep your technology away from your fingertips. I know you might be concerned of instances where you suddenly get a call but you need to secure your safety first when driving. 

 3. Don’t try to speed up unnecessarily 

 Slow down your driving unless there is terrible emergency. 

 4. Mindfulness 

 Be mindful of other drivers you are on the road with. They might be strangers but your safety depends on them as much as it depends on your response on how they act on the road.  

 5. Be defensive in driving 

 When you want to be safe, you need to be humble enough to give way and understand. Sometimes a slight irritation might stir you up but it is a much bigger gain to be safe than let your hot head rule a circumstance.  

 6. Assume on crazy stuff 

 If you assume that the cars and motorists around you will do something crazy, you are much more paying attention to the road and to the driving situation you’re in.  

 7. Wait for the weather 

If a weather forecast says it’s going to rain hard, better take your time in driving and wait on the weather than risk a car accident speeding up and challenging the weather.  

 8. Plan Ahead 

If you are going on a trip that requires a longer period for travel, make sure you plan ahead on when to stop and eat or use the bathroom. If you schedule your pee breaks and stomach cravings ahead of time, you are lessening the chances of speeding up because of an urge to pee or a growling stomach.  

 9. Check your car 

Before you leave the house, always check your gears. Check on your mirrors and adjust the seat you’re in so you can be more comfortable while driving.  

 10. Stop if you have packed lunch for the trip 

I know that you might have packed lunch for the trip for convenience, cost efficiency and perhaps to shorten the travel period through not stopping for pizza restaurants along the way, but trust me, even if you packed and prepared lunch for this reason, always stop when eating the lunch you packed. It is a much safer way to eat this way.  

 11. Keep fallen objects on the floor 

You may have come across a bump on the road and something feel on the floor of your car, the wisest choice would be to leave the fallen object alone. If you attempt to retrieve the fallen item, the moment you lose sight of the road in seconds might cost you your life.  

 12. Have your necessity reachable 

If you have something important you need to get a hand on, make sure that it is placed somewhere that you can easily reach for safety purpose.  

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