Driving in France – Tips and latest information

From this year, if we travel by car in France, in addition to carrying some elements that are required within the vehicle. Such as hazard warning triangle and high visibility vest will also be necessary to keep approved and ready for use in cases where we may be required portable breathalyzer. Otherwise, every driver not wearing the approved breathalyzer may be punished with a fine of eleven Euros. The French Government has taken seriously reduce mortality rates related to alcohol behind the wheel and trying to impose this new measure related to road safety. In fact, since last November, in nightclubs and bars French is mandatory to use devices to detect alcohol in blood through breath and take buses from 2010 breathalyzers installed to prevent startup if testing positive driver. But the fact is that the as is now a reality after officially published in the “Journal Official” of the French republic and I quote. Every driver of a motor vehicle by land, to the exclusion of mopeds must justify owning a breath test, unused items and alcohol test mentioned in the first paragraph will comply with the situations of strength including the ending date provided by the manufacturer.  In principle, the measure will affect all vehicles except mopeds, traversing the country, so that foreigners also have to respect the law and take a breathalyzer on board. So if we go north and cross the Pyrenees will have to carry in the glove compartment of our car a device that detects the presence of alcohol in our body. Let’s wait for the types of breathalyzers to be allowed to choose the most suitable if you want to avoid the fine.

Some time ago we reviewed the traffic rules on alcohol and its effects and saw, among other things, how the analysis of alcohol through the breath is an important element in prevention policy alongside driving beneath the influence of alcohol. Hence, the usual sobriety checkpoints as a strategy for road safety remain one of the battles against those who have the false misconception as to the carrying capacity and tolerance to alcohol. The truth is that for every increase in the level of alcohol in the body a parallel increase of suffering an accident or incident occurs.  All children under 25 years and those over 60 are more vulnerable to the effects produced by alcohol. Heavier people usually tolerate alcohol, but are not a mathematical rule. In general, men tend to hold more than women, but the incorporation of women into working life has balanced many customs, including drinking alcohol. Anyway, at equal weight and amount of alcohol, the woman has a higher man BAC level. Not the same drink two glasses of beer to two glasses of brandy. Also, on an empty stomach is absorbed in about 30 minutes, while most food concentration is reached within the hour. Therefore, it can also influence the type of food and amount of each food eaten. A heavy meal can better distribute alcohol in the blood that a vegetarian meal for example. Fatigue, sleep or fatigue can multiply the risk of an accident if they alcohol or drug combination adds. You can also have unpredictable effects the fact of being on medication or under any medication intake, and further multiplying the risk of an accident. And finally, the emotional effects prone to alcoholism can take its toll if the activity of driving with a practical relief is confused.

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