France – Paris and Beyond

To start your journey has to be aware that if you visit France you must program a good travel plan. Usually the entrance to tourist sites in France are visible but note that if you wish to visit many places of the cost be more elevated but there is a pass that you can get in France that gives you. On the list of attractions you plan to visit several of them are as you may save some money. It is undoubtedly the flagship tourism monument in France, it is a magnificent structure built by it has a height of 300 meters and a weight of 7300 tons at the top of construction can be seen throughout the city of Paris. It is 50 meters high and 45 wide and is dedicated to the military glory of France. It has more than 300,000 works of art. The Louvre and the Mona Lisa is the Venus de Milo.
The Chateaux is a set of castles that are located on the banks of the Loire River, the route can be done in various media and transport but it is advisable to do so because sea is the favorite of those sightseeing in France. The Mont Saint- Michel is a rocky island that houses a medieval abbey majestic architecture. If you spend a few hours there you can see how the way that you travel safely to enter the Abbey begins to be covered by the rising tide to completely cover the island and leave the building with the appearance of floating in the ocean. The Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. The particular architecture as presented and the extraordinary luxury that has been built is a feature that leaves visitors impressed. So here we get an idea for travel in France in a very cheap rate.

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