The moment you visit a bar, there’s a possibility that you know what kinds of beer you would like to get. You might want something a bit smoother or you prefer to drink a beer with a more hoppy flavor. However, what if you also want to eat? Are there particular foods that can be perfectly paired with your favorite beer? To know more, keep on reading as we discuss to you great beer and food pairing that you should try:

German lagers

German beers have a lighter taste compared to other kinds of beer. You should get a milder food that will not override the delicate flavor that German lagers offer. Chicken or fish dishes would be perfect with German beers. But you should take note that once your fish or chicken has a cream sauce, you might want to get a heavier beer to drink. This will complement the cream’s strong taste.


IPAs could be hoppy and bitter. They should be paired with a dish that has the same strong taste. This helps to prevent the dish from being overwhelmed. The IPA’s bitterness could cool things off as well. Hence, a perfect match would be spicy food. It could be a burger or tacos with barbeque sauce.

Moreover, IPAs could also serve as a palate cleanser. The beer’s hoppiness could aid in washing away the flavors of another dish. You can opt to drink it before the main course or in between courses, like after consuming an appetizer.

In addition, you have to consider an IPA once you eat fatty and heavy foods, like French fries, deep-fried meats, or sausage. You could also consider having a Belgian beer with this kind of dish. For example, Stella Artois has its flavor notes that provide a great complement to heavier meals like the previously provided ones.


Similar to an IPA, Corona also has a cooling effect. This is why you can see a lot of people who pair this with Mexican food. Even other people compare it to milk since it soothes and coats the tongue after tasting spicy food, like Tabasco sauce. It is recommended to pair Corona with hot wings, Thai food, salsa, and any other kinds of spicy foods. Basically, this is a perfect option for dishes that contain chili as the main ingredient.

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