Tourist Places in Paris

It is located on the hill of Montmartre ( Paris ), this basilica was built in honor of those killed in the Franco- Prussian War , is 80 meters high and four massive domes express the beauty of the architecture style Roman and Byzantine that was designed. Heart of the city of Paris and dominated by the Luxor obelisk, is a vast expanse of about 8 hectares on the banks of the Seine and is located at the beginning of the Champs. La Madeleine Church is a Catholic church except for his neoclassical style, located in the heart of Paris. Madeleine Church draws attention because of its unusual architectural style as classic Roman Temple. France is one of the European cities which receive more tourists annually museums being one of the main tourist attractions of this city. The museums in France are over seventy million visitors a year, the most important museums: Museum of Pablo Picasso. Picasso’s art is represented by sketches.

If you decide to go sightseeing in France must have your own personal preferences and interests, only if you have several months you can leisurely visit all areas. To view the most classic of this country, here are some guidelines. The most representative of France is without a doubt.  For its historical, cultural, archaeological, economic power, leisure offers, shopping destinations, and others, some cities of the world stand on the other and are the most tourist visits a year are attractive. Paris free enjoys what the city offers without paying.

Travelers, who choose Paris as a tourist destination for its historical, cultural and architectural wealth, are more than thirty million a year, with all the attractions that make Paris the recognition as City.  See our children enjoy the most important as it is Christmas, fills us with great joy holiday, so imagine what would take them to Disney Paris these days, would definitely their biggest dreams. Visit Disney Paris at Christmas is a unique journey that no child could forget.  If you are a fan of Dan Brown’s novels are visiting Paris and not miss the opportunity to make the tour of da Vinci Code. This is a very detective walk to follow the steps of the protagonists of the story written by Dan Brown and brought to the big screen work

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