Train travel in France, a beginner’s guide

Night trains offer a convenient way to travel at night. From recliners to private cabins, there is a travel option for every need and every budget. Save valuable time: travel from one destination to another while you sleep. Most European night trains are covered by the passes. You simply book and pay for your preferred type of sleeping space in addition to their pass. This service, part of Vienna in Austria, traveling through Villach and passes through the Italian cities of Venice and Florence before arriving in France. With all the benefits of a Euro Night train with 4 trains every night, is one of the most fast and convenient in France. The City Night Line trains make overnight trips to Germany and its neighboring countries, so you can make connections with numerous captivating and fascinating cities in France. Set aside days for sightseeing and overnight trip in a wide variety of routes connecting France. Trains are not just the variety of routes obtainable and the effortlessness with which you can panel the train, but as well the ability to get to the next to the heart of downtown morning without worrying about traffic or airports. It is a French night train linking Paris to Luxembourg, Strasbourg and the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. You can fall asleep under the Eiffel tower and wake among the palm trees of sunny. The Lusitania night train, which departs every day majority luxurious night trains in Europe. This night train has luxury cabins, a bar and a la carte restaurant, offering an experience of overcoming difficult journey. Take pleasure in all the amenities of a hotel combined by means of direct night train service and wake up eleven hours later ready to explore all.

With SJ night trains travelers have a unique opportunity to go all France, from the green fields in the south to the Arctic in the north. Whether you are wandering in winter or summer, to main cities or remote villages, SJ night train presents a current and comfortable way to travel long distances by France. The night train Toscana Mare is one of the many Euro Night trains operating between Austria and Italy. This train travels from the France capital. From Port of Livorno you can take the ferry with Lines discount to Barcelona, ​​in France, or continue your journey along the spectacular coast of Italy. Most night trains operating in Europe are included in the pass, you simply pay for the booking of sleeping space you want. This reserve is usually required, which means you cannot get on the train without reserve your place. On the kind of sleeping space you decide. In the majority cases you have the option of single or double compartments for sleeping as well as berths 3, 4 or 6 beds and, in some cases, the option of reclining seats. Book your overnight train journey ahead. Thus, you can choose from all the options available to sleep. In some overnight trains, train staff will ask you to submit your pass and passport to departure. Do not worry, they are returned in the morning before getting off the train. This train staff does not have to wake during the night at the border organizes when entering another country, so you can rest overnight before touring their next destination. Learn up to twenty travel places in France by train with pass and choose from thousands of fascinating destinations to visit. Choose the type of train that best suits your travel plans and go where they want, day or night. Travel fast and convenient way, a fabulous destination to the next, while enjoying landscapes that inspire you along the way.

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