Travelling in France by car

At this time we talk about mostly travelling in France by car. No doubt that this new regulation can be extended to other European countries and therefore will be talking about. And I think there are two issues that must be regulated in terms of the installation of breathalyzers in private vehicles. On the one hand, must be regulated if alcohol detection devices that are carried in the car may be portable or series and then come out of obligation or form be screened. We will have to distinguish mandatory professional driver against driver and particularly if the offset is for work or at dawn and return after having held a party. Although I fear that if the approach is more than a requirement, carry a breathalyzer in the glove compartment, in the end you end up as a procedure to circulate. I think bringing in the glove compartment a breathalyzer is a way to educate them, and connect in a number of ways with one of the influential factors in road accidents such as driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, if we copy this measure and others that have been copied, as the model of driving for points, then I welcome that. Yes, have to lead by example that we miss.

The presence of alcohol in traffic accidents or during use a vehicle has become a leading cause of traffic fatalities. Hence, the French authorities are considering the possibility that a judge may inflict on a person convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol introduce mandatory breathalyzer in their vehicle blocking the boot. The idea is not bad; it’s a way to pursue the backslider. These regulations relate to seat belt laws, speed limits and requirements headlights and driving laws beverage and additional equipment that will be required by law to keep on your vehicle. It has prepared the following information, although as complete as possible, should only be used as a reference guide and not considered as full and complete. Unsure of the laws of driving and motor see local Embassy of the country to more information.

Do not miss when traveling abroad! If using a GPS navigation device when at home or abroad driving makes sure you has the latest maps loaded on the GPS device before leaving your places. Confirm you have the latest map or to download an original map for your GPS navigation machine please click here. We advise you take out the appropriate insurance cover European breakdown and as well cover any medical operating cost resulting from a mishap. If you do not already have breakdown and retrieve insurance or if you’re current insurance will not cover you outside your home country advantage this suggest that the AA to offer cover in the UK and the EU we take. Check with your insurance company you are insured to drive abroad. Check if you need a green Visa card for the country you are visiting. Check if you require an international driving license. Familiarize yourself by means of the driving laws of the countries they are visiting. Service your vehicle previous to leaving the UK and at least check the oil and water. Check that your vehicle meets the vehicle requirements of the countries to be visited.

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